Цифровая книга «Ортопедия, травматология и восстановительная хирургия детского возраста Том I. Выпуск 1. 2013» Сборник статей – купить книгу с быстрой доставкой в интернет-магазине OZON

Vol 8 (2020)


A.O. Agayants, A.V. Nikonov, M.A. Dvornikova

Arthroscopic treatment of acute patella osteomyelitis

A.N. Belokrylov

Features of using the Ilizarov apparatus for replacing bone tissue defects in children

L.S. Glazkin, R.V. Klimov

Functional results of single-event multilevel and staged correction of lower limb deformities in children with spastic diplegia.

V.A. Gorelov, A.A. Snetkov, P.A. Gorelova

Influence of pathological fractures on the course of benign tumors and tumor-like diseases of long skeleton bones in children

M.A. Dvornikova, N.V. Nikonov, A.O. Agayants

Specialized surgical treatment of a patient with mine explosion injury of the lower extremities

A.Yu. Dimitrieva

Clinical scale for assessing the shape and position of the foot FPI-6. Assessment of interrater reliability (pilot study)

G.R. Zufarov, B.N. Ergashev

The results of the treatment of lower limb deformities in children with external fixation and surgical methods

Kh.D. Imomov

Total hip arthroplasty in adolescents with the sequelae of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis by the Zweymuller endoprosthesis

S.S. Kadyrov

Our view on the choice of tactics for surgical treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis

A.V. Kadyshev

Management of pectus excavatum in children: our experience

E.A. Kostomarova

Application of stabilometry for assessing the effectiveness of surgical treatment of children with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

E.A. Kostomarova

Comparative evaluation of walking parameters in children with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease after various surgical interventions

S.A. Lukyanov

Analysis of results of surgical treatment in children with traumatic shoulder instability

N.S. Marasanov, N.N. Shalatonov, A.A. Zababurina, M.A. Serova

Modern methods of treatment of syndactyly in children

G.V. Ni

Surgical treatment of chronic avulsion fractures of elbow joint in children

D.D. Pavlova, E.M. Kraynova

Surgical treatment of meniscus injuries of the knee joint in children

Sh.N. Ravshanov

Clinical and radiological characteristics of congenital brachymetatarsias

Yu.A. Sigareva

Serial casting in correction of foot deformities in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease as a method of preoperative preparation

A.A. Snetkov, D.S. Gorbatyuk, R.S. Gamayunov, A.A. Panteleev, V.A. Gorelov

Analysis of the 3D prototyping application in surgical correction of congenital kyposcoliosis.

A.A. Snetkov, I.M. Dan, V.A. Gorelov, R.S. Gamayunov, S.B. Bagirov

Aneurysmal bone cysts of the spine in children. Surgical management.

I.Yu. Solokhina

Abnormal hypersynchronization of the vertical balance management system in children with cerebral palsy compared to healthy children.

M.B. Tadzhinazarov

Arthroscopic treatment of adolescents with pathological medial patellar plica

B.U. Kholmatov

Our experience in the surgical treatment of children with congenital anomalies of the leg bones

A.S. Shabunin, M.S. Asadulaev, M.B. Paneyakh, A.M. Fedyuk

Evaluation of the effectiveness of wound dressings based on composite nanofibers of chitosan and chitin in an in vivo experiment

N.N. Shalatonov, N.S. Marasanov

Flat valgus deformity of the feet and methods of its treatment

A.I. Shubina, N.V. Abdiba, V.V. Ilyin

Diagnostics and treatment of knee deformities in patients with skeletal dysplasia (mutations in the SCL26A2).

B.N. Ergashev, G.R. Zufarov

Clinical manifestations and diagnostics of lower extremity deformities in children with vertebro-medullar anomalies

Ортопедия, травматология и восстановительная хирургия детского возраста. 2021 год, выпуск 2

Цифровая книга "ортопедия, травматология и восстановительная хирургия детского возраста том i. выпуск 1. 2021" сборник статей – купить книгу с быстрой доставкой в интернет-магазине ozon

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